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Buttock Enlargement using Fat Transfer

Brazilian Butt lift at the Belvedere Clinic London, Kent & Essex

Buttock reshapingIf you want to look and feel your absolute best in 2018 then let the Belvedere Clinic provide you with only the highest quality body perfecting procedures. With only the best GMC registered surgeons operating in private hospitals we can ensure that from Brazilian butt lifts to life-changing buttock reshaping surgery we guarantee you will leave feeling entirely satisfied, confident and the best version of yourself. Our newest and most noninvasive buttock reshaping procedure is here, so let us inspire you about how you too can get the dream bum you’ve been thinking about for years.

Fat transfer to the buttocks, also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, was the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedure in the US in 2014. The number of fat transfer to buttocks procedures grew 86% from the previous year.

The procedure removes fat from the abdomen, thighs, or flanks and moves it to the buttocks to enhance the contour. The hips and waist can also be contoured during the same procedure to achieve an even more sculpted look. As more celebrities emulate this curvaceous look, the procedure’s popularity is expected to keep growing rapidly.


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How is a fat transfer carried out

The concept of Fat Transfer Buttock augmentation is not a new concept, but innovations to make the procedure as noninvasive as possible are always progressing. The most up to date procedure is a fat transfer which uses a technique called Puregraft. This technique is unique because it eliminates the need for large incisions on your body and only transfers your own natural fat from other parts of your body to your buttocks. This means you don’t need to worry about silicone or other fillers entering your body.

Using your own fat for your buttock lift is a perfect solution to reducing fat in one part of your body and enhancing your buttocks at the same time. The Puregraft technique has been perfected over the last decade and is now a widely used and clinically trusted method of buttock enhancement.

What are the benefits of having a fat transfer procedure?

Whatever the reason for your buttock enlargement the newly created Puregraft technique is the safest method of fat transfer to your buttocks. With absolutely no foreign objects in your body which may be harmful such as silicone, your buttock enhancement will appear entirely natural. It won’t leave you with any nasty skin imperfections from incisions so your new bigger bum will be scar free! Since there are no un-natural products going into your body during your buttock reshaping, your healing and recovery time is much shorter than invasive procedures.

Following your two hour surgery, during which you will be under general anaesthetic, you will be up and running within 2-4 days, so you can get on with flaunting your confident self after your butt lift surgery!


What results can you expect?

Following your buttock reshaping, you can expect your bum to appear firmer, fuller and with an increasingly toned appearance.

The results will be clear straight away as your body absorbs the added fat.

Provided you maintain a stable weight over time these results will be permanent.

At the Belvedere Clinic you are in safe hands. With more than 35 years experience under our belt, we are the leading experts in cosmetic surgery and body reshaping. So book your free consultation with one of our GMC registered surgeons to discuss which buttock reshaping procedure is the best for you and your body. Get in touch with us today by calling 0208 311 4464 or visit our  website to browse through inspirational before and after photos from satisfied patients.


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Fat Transfer to Buttocks FAQs

What are the risks associated with the fat transfer procedure?

Like any operation, there are risks associated with anesthesia and surgery; however, Puregraft minimizes the risk of immune rejection or allergic reaction by eliminating the introduction of foreign materials into patient´s body. The possible side effects of the fat transfer procedure may vary, but general experience has shown that the fat transfer aspect does not pose any additional side effects.

Is Puregraft fat transfer safe?

Yes. Puregraft fat transfer offers a minimally invasive, patient-friendly alternative to synthetic fillers or implants. The product provides physicians a superior way to prepare a fat graft using a closed, sterile system that greatly reduces the chance of infection and other complications linked to the introduction of a foreign material in a body.

How does Puregraft work?

Puregraft’s selective filtration technology was designed to dialyze fat tissue in a gentle and reproducible manner to preserve the regenerative properties of fat. When using the Puregraft® System, you can expect the same, high quality fat tissue in every syringe for every patient.

  1. Adipose tissue is injected into the Puregraft® System and filtered through the first membrane to remove blood cells, free lipid, tumescent solution, and other impurities introduced from the liposuction process. The second membrane directs the flow of debris for draining into the waste bag.
  2. The fat tissue is then washed twice with a defined volume of Lactated Ringer’s or saline solution.
  3. The purified tissue is then extracted from Puregraft® and prepared for re-injection into the body.