The good the bad and the ugly of celebrity plastic surgery

thegood the bad and the ugly of plastic surgery

Celebrities are the first to deny that they’ve had any Plastic Surgery done, but this is not particularly believable as the work they’ve had done shows on their faces, especially the more extreme procedures that you should avoid.

Have a look at some of these extreme celebrity examples to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t so your plastic surgery looks natural and improves what’s already there rather than changing your whole face.

One of the worst examples of plastic surgery going wrong is Pete Burns, former DJ, TV personality and man about town. Mr Burns had so many lip implants (and also probably other work like cheek implants) he barely looked like he used to.

Katie Price, the former model known as Jordan, has definitely had multiple breast implants. She has up to eight breast augmentations, lip fillers, cosmetic filler and a myriad of other procedures. Unfortunately, Katie has had to step away from the surgeon’s knife because of rupturing breast implants.

PLASTIC SURGERY GONE RIGHTkate beckinsale plastic surgery

Kate Beckinsale, English star of movies like Underworld, has had minor plastic surgery done, but very well, and she shows just what little work can do without going over the top. 

She appears to have teeth veneers fitted and a minor nose job, but this work was so subtle it accentuated her natural beauty rather than making her look older or unnatural.

Keira doesn’t appear to have had a lot of plastic surgery done, or perhaps it’s so subtle it’s hard to notice. Her jaw line has definitely changed since her Bend it like Beckham days, and it has given her face a far more streamlined look.

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