Ear Wax Removal

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Ear Wax removal at the Belvedere Clinic

Are You Experiencing Hearing Problems or Discomfort thanks to Ear Wax?

Our ear wax removal service is the simple and safe way to remove ear wax and get your hearing back to normal. Our specialist team are all highly trained and are dedicated to providing you with a quick, effective and professional ear cleaning session. We have years of experience in this industry and use safe, natural and effective methods to rid you of any blockage.

  • Ear Wax removal carried out professionally at the Belvedere Clinic.
  • We utilise the latest technology that allows you to have your hearing restored.
  • The process is completely safe and painless, with no anaesthetic required.

What is Ear Wax?

Earwax is a natural substance that is produced by the ear canal. It helps to protect the ear canal from bacteria and other harmful substances.

Earwax is usually sticky and yellowish brown in color. It usually accumulates in the outer part of the ear, but it can also accumulate deep inside the canal.

The most common symptom of excessive accumulation of earwax is hearing loss or a feeling that one’s ears are full. Other symptoms include tinnitus (ringing in ears), dizziness, and aching in the ears.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should contact your health professional for advice on how to manage your condition.

What causes Ear Wax build up?

Ear wax build-up is a common condition that can affect any part of the ear canal. It is caused by a number of factors, including excessive body secretion, aging, hard or dry ear wax, narrow or hairy ear canals and ear plugs.

Cotton buds are one of the most common causes of this condition. They have been found to push the wax inwards and cause it to accumulate in the ear canal. Ear plugs are also known as a major cause for this problem because they create a seal around the ears, preventing them from breathing. When there is no air flow inside your ears, your body secretes more fluid which in turn leads to an accumulation of wax.

The accumulation of ear wax can be prevented with some simple steps such as not using cotton buds on your ears and having regular ear wax removal treatment.

What are the symptoms of Ear Wax build up?

Ear wax build-up is a common problem. It can cause ear aches, itchiness, ear infections, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Symptoms of ear wax build-up include:

• Itchy ears
• Ear ache
• Hearing loss
• Tinnitus

How can The Belvedere Clinic help?

We all know how unpleasant ear wax removal can be. Tugging and pulling can easily lead to pain and irritation, while the use of cotton swabs can lead to hearing loss. But now there is a solution that is quick, easy, and safe. The Belvedere Clinic’s professional-grade technology will have you say goodbye to ear wax in no time!

  • Get your ear wax safely and comfortably cleaned out
  • Can be done in under 30 seconds thanks to our advanced technology
  • We will safely and efficiently remove even the most stubborn ear wax

How do I know it’s safe?

We use a self-contained temperature controls which constantly regulate the water to your body temperature, avoiding any heat or vertigo related side effects.

We use pressure controls to ensure quick removal even of impacted ear wax, while never endangering the ear drum.

Our process is gentle enough to use even on younger patients.

What can I expect after my treatment?

Once your ear wax has been removed, any symptoms the ear wax was causing will quickly disappear.

In case you are prone to persistent ear wax build-up, our specialists can suggest ways to help minimise this.

It may also be beneficial and advisable to consider booking a regular Ear Wax Removal treatment at the Belvedere Clinic.


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