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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth-Whitening-Clinic-LondonWhat Does Teeth Whitening Entail?

Everybody loves a bright smile, and there are several procedures and products available to help you improve your smile. Many individuals are satisfied by day to day brushing and the regular cleaning at the dentist’s office. When you decide to go beyond this to improve your smile there are several teeth whitening options.

Teeth whitening is a process of lightening teeth by removing discolouration and stains. Teeth whitening are among the common cosmetic dental processes because it is inclined on how your teeth appear. This procedure is not a one-time procedure; it should be conducted time to time if one needs to maintain the look.

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Basics of Teeth whitening

Teeth-Whitening-Before-AfterThe outer layer of the teeth is known as the enamel. The natural color of the teeth is determined by its reflection and scattering of light, combined with the color of the dentine under it. The thickness and smoothness of the enamel can be dictated by your genes. A smooth enamel also dictates the color of the teeth.

Common Causes of Teeth Staining

  • 1. Using tobacco
  • 2. Drinking dark colored beverages like coffee, tea, cola and red wine.
  • 3. Poor maintenance of your teeth (poor oral hygiene)
  • 4. Extensive use of fluoride paste can cause internal pigmentation especially for children.
    Factors that may affect teeth whitening

Other dental conditions can affect the success of teeth whitening including cavities. The need of treating or sealing the cavities is important before undergoing the whitening procedure. This will help prevent the whitening chemicals from entering the inner sections of the teeth.

Individuals having tooth decay or receding gums will suffer from tooth sensitivity after undergoing the whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

There exist two whitening procedures, these include:


a. Non- vital whitening

This procedure is done on teeth that has had a root- canal treatment and no longer bare a live canal. This procedure may not be helpful for a tooth that has undergone root- canal treatment because the stain is located in the inside of the tooth. Dentist usually employs a procedure that will remove the stains from the inside of the tooth. It is achieved by placing a tooth whitening agent inside and putting a temporary filling over it. The whitening process will take a few days. This procedure is always done once or repetition can be done until the tooth achieves the desired color.

b. Vital Whitening

Here gel is utilized as a whitening solution and normally applied directly on the tooth surface. The product contains hydrogen peroxide.

The above procedure can be done at our dentist’s clinic in Ilford. When the procedure is done in the clinic the dentist utilizes a powerful whitening gel and a specialized laser that activates the gel and enables the gel and bleaching occurs faster.

Follow up
After the procedure if your gums become white and sore, follow up your dentist.

Whitening is not a permanent solution and stains will come back after some time, but it is important to avoid staining drinks and foods. The moment the color begins to fade, you should visit the doctor for the procedure once more.


Whitening does not cause any side effects; sometimes the gums may become sore or sensitive. The effects of whitening gel has not been established for pregnant mothers.

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