Breast Enhancement: Aftercare & Support

breast enhancement - aftercare and support

At our Essex clinic, we welcome patients for a variety of medical and cosmetic concerns, but breast enhancement is one of our most popular requests.

It’s entirely normal to have body hang-ups, and there are lots of reasons behind them. Whether it’s genetics, ageing, post-baby body or a question of symmetry and balance, we believe in the power of feeling the best we can about our bodies, and how we look plays a huge part in that. Surgery can give you the ultimate control in shaping parts of your body to suit your overall figure – so, we’re always excited to get involved and help give you the results you deserve.

In this post, our experts talk through some of the aftercare and support involved in breast surgery – otherwise known as boob jobs.


Boob jobs are a type of major surgery, so you’ll need to give your body time to rest, recover and heal properly. If you don’t, you risk complications and infection, which could result in further surgery and expense, not to mention other problems in the future. 

Part of your recovery from breast enhancement should involve avoiding strenuous exercise and heavy lifting, for at least a month following your surgery. Gentle, moderate exercise should still be fine, but if in doubt, talk to one of our experts.


Because you’ve had breast enlargement surgery, some pain and tenderness should be expected in and around the breasts. Great ways to help ease this include: 

  • Wearing a supportive bra, once you are able to fully exercise again (from at least 6 weeks onwards) and a supportive garment in the interim.
  • Wearing loose, comfy clothes.
  • Sleeping on your back to avoid putting pressure on your breasts.
  • Taking care of your dressings, as directed by our experts.


Following your breast enhancement surgery, you’ll need to take some time off work. We recommend 1-2 weeks, but this does depend on how you heal and there’s nothing wrong with, or shameful about, needing more time. 

If you need to go back to work after this period and find don’t feel ready, talk to your workplace about the possibility of remote working, and for those in physically demanding jobs, ask if you can have some adjustments while you heal. 

Most importantly, listen to your body and recognise when you’re tired and need to rest – don’t rush to go back to work, and certainly don’t overdo it!


Talk to friends and family if you need help in those early days following your breast enhancement surgery. Of course, you may prefer that people don’t know that you’ve had surgery. After all, it’s your body! At Belvedere, we’re experts in discretion, so if you don’t tell, we won’t!


Whatever the reason for your breast augmentation, we can help. Get in touch with our experienced team here in Essex to see what we could do for you.


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