Motiva Ergonomix Implant Surgery

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Boost your confidence in 2020/21 with our Motiva Ergonmix implant surgery.

Breast implant surgery involves the incision of your breasts and the insertion of breast implants. The size of the augmentation is determined by a surgeon during your consultation session, and thanks to our Motiva Ergonmix implants, you can choose the shape suited to your needs. Better yet, you’ll get size, base and projection choices so you can get the look you desire.

Here at The Belvedere Clinic we offer a range of plastic surgery options and we pride ourselves on our approach to our clients. During your visit to the clinic, we’ll make sure you have the utmost care and support at every stage. No matter whether this is your first or latest surgery, we’ll do all we can to offer a solution befitting of your needs.

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